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How Collierville teachers are preparing the next generation to care for our planet

Collierville teachers prepare our students to do many things. From college prep to career training, the students of Collierville Schools are equipped with the knowledge necessary to go forward successfully. This month, we celebrate Earth Day, and CEF is especially proud to help Collierville Schools' teachers prepare the next generation to take care of our planet. Here are a few of the many ways students are learning about the world around them thanks to CEF grants and the wonderful educators of Collierville Schools.

Collierville High School teacher Courtney Gillespie thought students and teachers should be able to recycle their plastic and paper trash to reduce pollution and lower energy consumption. So, she requested a CEF grant to institute a schoolwide recycling program. Ms. Gillespie and her students placed recycling bins, purchased through CEF grant funds, at all high-traffic areas of the school. Students now receive service hours by gathering all the recyclable materials once a week and putting them in the recycling bin provided by the city. Ms. Gillespie wanted to help her students start eco-friendly habits, and we think she’s off to a great start!