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Meet our 2023-2024 grant recipients!

This past grant cycle, we received a record number of applications from dedicated teachers all over Collierville. Each application was impressive; the dedication and creativity of our local teachers blew us away. Our committee worked diligently to narrow the influx of grant applications to 100 final recipients. We granted $224,784.71 to teachers in Collierville – our largest amount ever! We will recognize so many phenomenal grants throughout the year on our blog, but we wanted to give a taste of what classrooms in Collierville are receiving this year!

Bailey Station Elementary

Each first grade class at Bailey Station will receive decodable readers to provide critical phonics remediation and enrichment activities for all students. Building foundational phonics understanding is crucial at this age, so these decodable readers will positively impact each student’s reading and language development.

Collierville Elementary

One trend we noticed this year was the number of grants that affected not only one classroom but the whole school. Next year, Collierville Elementary plans to pursue recognition as a TN STEM Certified School. To support the school’s efforts, one teacher reached out for materials to help integrate STEM learning into all general education materials. 

Crosswind Elementary

Crosswind’s gym equipment is getting an upgrade! Soon, the gym will feature new balance beams, obstacle courses and other materials to help develop spatial awareness abilities. PE classes, the school’s occupational therapy team and schoolwide activities like field days will benefit from the new tools.

Schilling Farms Elementary

Students at Schilling Farms Elementary are learning geography in a unique way – by placing their feet in different countries! With three new world map rugs, fifth grade students can travel the world by taking a few steps. 

Sycamore Elementary

Sycamore Elementary students can try their hand at engineering when creating two new NASA-designed, air-powered rocket launchers. CEF granted the Rocket Club materials to create and store these unique rockets. 

Tara Oaks Elementary

Students will have the chance to interact with abstract artist Reggie Laurent in an informative Zoom call. The art class will be able to create their own works and witness the amazing accomplishments of a renowned artist. We are incredibly excited to see this unique grant come to fruition! 

Collierville Middle

The music department is receiving a brand new vibraphone from CEF. These instruments cost thousands of dollars and are a great percussion instrument for students to learn. Music education has many benefits, so keeping instrument collections updated and refreshed is important.

West Collierville Middle School

Virtual Reality sets were a hit during last year’s grant cycle, so it was no surprise that more teachers wanted to get creative with technology. West Collierville Middle School will receive 90 Merge Cubes, an interactive hologram tool with more than 100 science lessons. Students can hold STEM holograms in the palms of their hands!

Collierville High School

High school is when students begin to ponder their future career paths. At Collierville High School, teachers noticed many students are interested in the medical field. To help expand their interest, one teacher requested color-coded models of brains that include labels and notebooks to follow along with the lessons. 

We awarded dozens more grants, and we’ll dive deeper into those on our blog throughout the year! You can also follow us on Facebook to see photos and videos of implementing these grants in the classroom.


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