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Unique middle school physical education activities

Physical education helps children develop motor skills, builds knowledge and cultivates behaviors for remaining physically active throughout their lifetime. Healthy fitness habits that begin in youth are more likely to be carried out through adulthood, leading to an overall healthier lifestyle. That’s why it is important to us at CEF to grant physical education materials as well as academic materials to teachers in Collierville. When lead PE teacher at Collierville Middle School, Barbara Hunter, applied for two unique grants during the last cycle, we were thrilled to help out her class. Students have a blast utilizing these new grants in their PE class!


The team sport of curling has been around in Scotland since the 16th century but rose to popularity after its addition to the Olympic Games in 1998. Though it is played on ice at the Olympics, any smooth surface will work. Ms. Hunter discovered this and thought her students would enjoy learning a new sport in gym class. With help from CEF, Ms. Hunter’s class received four floor-curling sets. Games are played in teams of four, and the objective is to slide stones down a sheet of ice (or a smooth surface) to hit the target. The team with the closest stones to the center target takes the victory.

Curling not only gives students a glimpse at other cultures, it also combines STEM and athletics. Students build upon their math and science skills by learning about force, angles and trajectory. They then apply these skills to a cooperative and competitive game. This combination of problem-solving and teamwork makes for a fun activity and lesson!

Obstacle course

Competitive team activities keep students engaged, so another outside-the-box idea Ms. Hunter wanted to implement was an obstacle course. Materials from CEF helped make this idea a reality. Her class was given 6-to-9-foot tunnels for students to crawl through. These tunnels, paired with other gym materials, create an awesome maze. Students use different muscle groups to run, jump, bend, crawl, roll, slide, duck, twist, and "crun" (bear crawl while moving fast) while competing. The obstacle course not only gets kids moving, it helps with their problem-solving and memory skills. Working together to get through the maze as quickly as possible engages their competitive spirit and makes students excited to go to gym class!

CEF is proud to provide such unique grants to benefit Collierville students. From PE to science labs to sensory kits, we take joy in providing what teachers need to help their students grow.


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