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Enhancing recess with CEF grants

Recess is not only a great form of physical activity for students, it also improves their memory, concentration and attention span according to the CDC. One study showed 8 and 9 year olds who were physically active for 15 minutes daily had better behavior in the classroom. Along with these benefits, students enjoy taking a much-needed break from their desks to run around and play with friends. This grant cycle, we noticed Collierville teachers recognizing the importance of recess and how outdoor playtime benefits students, so we were eager to fulfill their requests! Collierville students are now playing with brand-new toys at recess and taking full advantage of a new Gaga Ball court.

Schilling Farms Elementary

Thanks to funds from a CEF grant, Schilling Farms Elementary is now stocked with classic recess equipment including 32 new jump ropes, 12 packs of soccer balls, two sets of champion sports skip balls, six parachutes, two sets of sports scoops, three sets of frisbees and two sets of playground balls. These fresh materials will replace the worn and loved toys students have played with for years.

In addition to the materials above, Erin Regan used CEF grant funds to fill eight wagons with recess equipment. The carts include cones, directional spots, dice, stopwatches and more for students to create their own obstacle courses and games. This unstructured play lets students think outside the box and design games from their imagination.

Collierville Elementary School 

Gaga Ball is a trend taking recess over by storm! It is similar to dodgeball but is played in an octagonal pit with many players. At Collierville Elementary School, Gaga Ball is the go-to game for students during recess. The previous pit was very dusty. Third grade teacher Jane Crain noticed this and decided to look into adding a turf bottom for the pit so students would have a fresh place to play. The new turf pit provided by CEF is now in place at CES and students love it! The smooth turf provides a safe, clean way for students to play the game they love.

We post photos of these grant materials on our Facebook page throughout the year – follow us to see them in action! If you’re interested in contributing to the teacher grant fund, visit this link to make a donation!


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