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Apply to join our board

The CEF Board is made up of individuals with one goal - to serve in a capacity that will better the Colliervile Municipal Schools by providing grants to our teachers.  The board is a working board which means every person serves on a committee and assists in all of our events in some capacity.  It is understood a board member may not be able to physically participate in all events.  However, each event is comprised of many working parts that allow each person to utilize their talents and knowledge.  In addition, every board member must participate in the grant program. This is why we exist and is the most exciting part of what we do.  

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please contact Terri Furlong, the CEF Managing Director. 

CEF Board Application

Board Responsibilities

Volunteer with us

Don't want to commit to serving on a board but would like to be involved with CEF?  Contact Terri O'Connor to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities
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