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Classroom upgrades coming to Collierville Schools

The transition to a new school year comes with new classroom upgrades. This summer, teachers are using funds from their CEF grants to purchase new materials and furniture for the fall. Flexible seating in classrooms is a grant trend we have noticed throughout the years, and each year becomes more prevalent in teacher grant applications. It’s proof that grant funds are making a difference in the classroom! Keep reading to learn about flexible seating and other exciting materials enhancing classrooms in Collierville Schools.

Bailey Station Elementary

Flexible seating was a big trend at Bailey Station Elementary this grant cycle. Danielle Ridley’s classroom now has wobble stools and Melinda Ferrante’s classroom has comfortable cushions for floor seating. The wobble stools let students get their wiggles out while still focusing on their lessons and also contribute to their physical health. The cushions make floor seating more appealing to students when completing various activities. No one wants to sit in an uncomfortable spot, so making the floor as cozy as possible will encourage students to pay attention during storytime and other floor instruction.

Tara Oaks Elementary

At the end of each unit, Jillian Talbot’s classroom transforms into a new setting corresponding with the lessons thanks to decorations and project supplies granted by CEF. When the class finishes their book, they will hold a funeral for one of the main characters in a graveyard. Further into the year, students will attend a Renaissance fair right in their classroom after exploring lessons about the great scholars and artists of the time. They will complete activities true to the period, including fresco painting, mirror writing, drawing upside down and soap sculpting.

Schilling Farms Elementary

Flexible and comfortable seating helps students focus and become more productive. The kindergarten classrooms at Schilling Farms don’t have carpet flooring, so Kailey McGee took this into consideration and requested a large area rug with pillows and cushions. Most of her instruction is given on the floor, so this updated seating option for her kindergarteners makes a tremendous difference. 

Teachers, keep your eyes peeled for our grant applications this fall. We’ve seen great success with grant materials like these in Collierville classrooms! 


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