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CEF grants encourage reading

Reading is an essential skill that helps children with memory, problem-solving and emotional and cognitive intelligence. Teachers and librarians recognize the importance of creating impactful literacy lessons and programs, so they tapped CEF for additional support! We’re thrilled to aid the next generation of readers – whether by helping English-language learners or easing the library book return process. Here are three schools in Collierville using CEF grant funds to enhance literacy-focused programs and processes!

Collierville Elementary

Reading can present a unique challenge for English language learners and students with learning disabilities. Collierville Elementary is supporting these learners with C-Pen Readers. These high-speed, AI-based text recognition tools give students easy access to dictionary support and word breakdown fundamentals while reading. The text-to-speech feature helps students become familiar with the language and build upon their reading skills.

Bailey Station Elementary

Bailey Station Elementary has school improvement goals for all students' math and literacy achievement. To help boost these skills, four Osmo Stations are now around the school’s library. Osmo is an award-winning educational system that makes learning fun for students. Students can read, work on spelling lessons, learn to code, discover geography and more with the Osmo system. The school had access to these games in the past but lacked the tablets needed to make the Osmo stations operational. CEF granted the school four new iPads to get the stations up and running so students can engage and collaborate with these reading games.

Collierville High School

Collierville High School now has a mobile book return for students to utilize when the library is closed. This will ease the return process for both the students and librarians. Students can return books when convenient, and librarians can easily reshelve returned books – thanks to the wheels on the return equipment. The book return and its shipping are a large expense we were happy to cover! 

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