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Perfect harmony: Collierville teachers use CEF grants to aid in music education

March is National Music in our Schools Month, so we’re recognizing the power of music and the importance of its availability in schools. According to the National Association of Music Education, giving students a proper music education can help develop their language, memory and reasoning skills. Additionally, music can aid in students’ emotional development, bolster their self-confidence and even teach them discipline and the value of teamwork. That’s why we are so proud that the teachers of Collierville Schools are using their CEF grants to give students the music education they deserve. Here are a few examples.

Tara Oak Elementary school teacher, Marie Milikin, saw that her children were sharing instruments. While sharing is usually encouraged, Ms. Milikin noticed that it sometimes left students unable to effectively and independently learn or practice music. The time spent without their own instrument caused a distraction, leaving them at a loss to understand what their instructor was teaching. Thanks to CEF, Ms. Milikin was able to buy instruments for each one of her students. Now, Tara Oak Elementary students are using bass xylophones, bass bars and temple blocks to make meaningful experiences