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A peek inside a high school science lab

One of the ways the Collierville Education Foundation prepares students for college is by providing generous grants that enhance science education. Chemistry, anatomy and biology are just a few of the many rigorous courses that high school students take in order to prepare for their future careers. Providing useful equipment for these labs provides students with a glance into real-world situations. Take a look into some of the science labs offered at Collierville High School and how CEF’s grants impact them.


Yuriy Brodskiy and his team noticed a significant increase in students wanting to take Advanced Placement Chemistry. The increase was so steep that they didn’t have enough equipment for every interested student. Brodskiy applied for a teacher grant from CEF and was awarded brand new laboratory equipment. The team received new safety protection materials as well as tools for the labs. Now, students have plentiful equipment and can safely explore chemical concepts and study different forms of matter. The enriched learning environment has supported students as they prepare for college-level chemistry courses.


The grant awarded to Lori Streitmatter supplied the school with a realistic human muscle model. This interactive tool allows students to explore their interests in human anatomy by providing an immersive look into the human muscular system at a microscopic level. Through anatomy labs, students can uncover and explore their interests in the medical field in high school. When students discover this interest earlier, they can enter college confident in pursuing a healthcare career.


Updated lab materials are important for students to fully understand their experiments. Teacher Beth Hines applied for a grant to update lab materials for her AP Biology students. CEF awarded her class electrophoresis kits so students can study the movement of charged particles under the influence of an electric field. The gel kits are used to examine anything from forensic science to genetics – creating a unique experience for students at the high school level!

These are just a few of the ways that science educators and learners benefit from CEF grants. We are delighted to provide grants that enrich science education in our community. An in-depth science lab benefits all students and allows them to explore their curiosity in the STEM field. Thank you to all of the teachers who have applied for grants in order to better their students’ education!


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