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Responding to the Nation’s Report Card

The first Nation’s Report Card since the pandemic was unveiled in October and test results were the lowest in decades. Despite the nation’s grades declining, Collierville Schools was ranked the number one school district in Tennessee. The mission of Collierville Education Foundation is to further enrich, enhance and expand every child’s education, and here are a few ways that our grants deepen the education of Collierville students.

Hands-on learning

Memorization is a prevalent study habit throughout schools across the country. However, memorization is not the same as retaining information. For students to understand a subject, experimentation and hands-on learning are beneficial. Upgraded lab materials to AP Biology and Chemistry classrooms gave high school students the chance to monitor subjects like electrophoresis and changes in matter up close. For younger students, glider airplanes and robotics spark their interest in future academic endeavors.

Unique lessons

Students become engaged and interested when introduced to an uncommon subject. At Collierville High School, the Butterfly Migration Garden lets students get involved in nature by studying ecology closely. Students benefit from recording the movements of butterflies in CHS’ own schoolyard. The special tools that CEF provides allow students to immerse themselves in their entertaining lessons, like at Bailey Station Elementary, the newest addition of a Microphone Ball lets students perform and learn simultaneously. The interactive ball is not only learning material, it builds confidence and self-assurance in front of their classmates.

Student needs

The unfortunate effects of the pandemic showed on the Nation’s Report Card. Collierville teachers are motivated to bridge the gap in learning for their students. In order to help make up some of the lost learning, “intervention classrooms” were created at Crosswind Elementary. A CEF-provided grant allowed for the intervention rooms to obtain multi-sensory materials for students to regain confidence in the classroom. Schools in Collierville are determined to give their students all the materials they need to succeed, which may be the reason they were ranked number one in Tennessee.

CEF is proud to provide schools with grants that help students in Collierville exceed levels of academic success. If you are interested in learning more about the grants that CEF has supplied for Collierville Schools, please visit our website.


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