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Using creative methods to break down complicated topics

Every student in Collierville Schools learns differently. Some concepts take a little imagination and inventiveness to properly grasp. That’s why teachers at Collierville Schools are using their CEF grants to develop innovative methods that explain complicated lessons.

A popular, complex topic of discussion in recent years is coding. Kids of all ages are learning to code as the skill becomes more sought after in job markets. Beyond future career marketability, coding can help develop problem solving and processing skills. Schilling Farms Elementary School teacher, Terri Plunk, and Sycamore Elementary School teacher, Lynn Rushdi, both noticed that coding helps children strengthen their analytical thinking skills and communication abilities. That’s why both teachers used CEF grants to purchase supplies to teach young students more about the concept of coding.

Ms. Plunk’s grant money was put toward a coding tool called Cubettos. Cubetto is a wooden robot that moves along a mat as children place directional pieces on its corresponding wooden block. This simple, puzzle-like project teaches Ms. Plunk’s preschool aged students about cause and effect as Cubetto navigates its mat according to their commands. This is