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Supporting students with unique learning needs through CEF grants

One of the amazing things about Collierville Schools is its capacity to serve students, especially those with unique learning needs. Because of the schools’ dedication to working with these students, its teachers are encouraged to bring forth ideas on how to best support this type of learning, and the Collierville Education Foundation is proud to help make them possible. Below are just a few recent ways Collierville educators have used grant funds to enrich the educational experience of every student.

While all learners have the ability to make art, it is easier for some than others. Bailey Station Elementary School teacher Adeline White realized that her smaller students, as well as her students who use wheelchairs, were having difficulty reaching the art supplies needed to continue in their masterpiece creation. To remedy the situation, Ms. White used her CEF grant funds to purchase five large, adjustable shelves, set at reachable levels for all students. In addition to the shelves’ accessibility, they can fit a wider variety of supplies and room for displays – providing an elevated artistic experience for everyone involved.

Nicole Willer of Sycamore Elementary School enlisted CEF’s help in her latest project: a social emotional read aloud library. The goal is for teachers to be able to check out resources about social-emotional learning, such as the books Ms. Willer purchased with her grant money, and use them with their classes. The idea is specifically targeted toward improving prevocational skills in special education students, though Ms. Willer sees it as benefitting the entire school by increasing the social-emotional skills of all students while reducing disruptive behavior.

The Family Living Center, (FLC), is an integral part of the Collierville High School special education department. In the FLC, students are given the opportunities to practice life skills such as cooking and cleaning. CHS teacher, Samantha Styfhoorn, used her grant money to purchase updated supplies and appliances to be used in the FLC. Now, special education students can learn to generalize these skills at school and take them home and out into their community.

As always, we are thrilled to be a part of the enriching educational experiences put forth at Collierville Schools, and even more so when it comes to ensuring that these experiences are accessible to anyone who walks through the school doors. Thank you, Collierville Schools and teachers, for consistently working toward supporting all of your students to the fullest extent.


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