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Providing the technology for a brighter future

Technology is ever-changing. Its advancements make life easier and teach us things in ways that would be incomprehensible to someone who lived 50 years ago. Taking advantage of what technology has to offer is critical for a student’s education. CEF supports teachers by providing grants that enrich classroom experiences – and implementing technology into elective courses is one way we do that!

Scoring and soaring

Theatrical programs are an excellent way for children to express themselves. We often take the arts for granted and don’t consider the impact that being involved in theater has. Students at Collierville Middle School were especially impacted by Letitia Sutherlen’s “Light It Up” grant. The grant provided the first lighting system for the school’s stage. Now, awards ceremonies, pageants, school plays and numerous other programs can take place for the entire community's enjoyment.

Similarly, sports allow students to get out all of the pent up energy they accumulate throughout the school day. They also teach them how to collaborate to work toward a common goal, which is a needed skill in any profession a student chooses. With Barbara Hunter’s “S-C-O-R-E Score Dragons Score!” grant, multi-game scoreboards were added to CMS’ campus. Now, students can enjoy a more active way of learning life lessons that simply can’t be taught in the classroom.

Well-informed youth

Do you remember listening to the morning announcements when you were in school? These reports set the tone for the entire school day and allow pupils to practice listening and comprehension. The way the morning messages have been disseminated has changed drastically over the years. West Collierville Middle School students can now enjoy the announcements with an added element of a green screen. Thanks to Kimberly Morrise’s “Green Screen Announcements” grant, there will be a little more excitement around what can sometimes be considered a mundane task among students.

Keeping up to date with schoolwide announcements is important for students. However, it can be tough with a larger campus. Audio/visual equipment provided by Justin Lewis’ “Daily Dragons Blog/Podcast” grant will teach students about the continually evolving media landscape. The program is available for anyone who wishes to participate and focuses on coverage of all schoolwide events and other happenings.

Technology provides the means for students to lead more advanced lives. Setting them up for success is CEF’s ultimate goal. It is important to use technological resources so that future leaders can get the most out of their education.


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