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CEF awards almost $60,000 in grants

Throughout the last year, CEF remained committed to its mission of funding teacher grants to enrich the educational experience of our Collierville students. In the spring, we proudly awarded almost $60,000 in grants to the deserving teachers of Collierville Schools. Congratulations to the following teachers:

The winning teachers from Bailey Station Elementary, Ashley Billions, Scarlett Marsh, Carrie Moore and Ann Taylor will use their grants to purchase book vending machines, monarch butterfly gardens and much more. At Sycamore Elementary School, grant recipient Lynn Rushdi will use her funds to supplement the school library with nonfiction books that cover a diverse range of people, places and events.

CEF’s Crosswind Elementary School grant recipients – Martha-Carol Carpenter, Kathy Hauss, Megan Heinrich, Lisa McGee, Valerie Meiners-Smith and Jessica Shaver – plan to teach about beekeeping, circuitry and optimize classroom seating with their CEF grant money. Additionally, the students of Collierville Elementary School will practice scientific data collection and enjoy flexible classroom seating thanks to CEF grant recipients Lauren Baker and Tracey James.