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New superintendent to lead Collierville Schools in continued success in 2020

Dr. Gary Lilly wants Collierville Schools to be “world class,” and to get there, he says, “isn’t that far of a trip.”

Dr. Lilly joined Collierville Schools as its new superintendent in the fall of 2019, bringing with him a lifelong commitment to education and more than 25 years of experience. During the first semester in his new role, Dr. Lilly felt a warm welcome from Collierville, and “fell in love” with the town’s unique culture, especially how they value their connection to and support of Collierville schools.

“This town has such a unique culture – there’s a real sense of belonging here and an awareness that the school district is an integral part of the community and vice versa. There’s a shared sense that we’re all contributing to something very important – that we all should be supportive to one another because we’re intertwined.”

Dr. Lilly wants Collierville students to have a world-class education, specifically by adding programming related to technical and occupational fields. To do so, he is working to increase access to varied disciplines, classes and other professional development opportunities. The goal is to guide students through decisions about their future and guiding them toward success in the workforce and in life. Dr. Lilly explains that Collierville places high expectations on its students, but not without offering all the support necessary to help them achieve.

“One thing that contributes to all of our goals and student successes is resources provided by the Collierville Education Foundation. We appreciate their tremendous support and couldn’t be as successful without them.”

Dr. Lilly hopes to expand the tremendous work already being done in Collierville Schools so its students can continue to grow. Overall, though, Dr. Lilly just wants his students to be “safe, healthy and happy.”

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