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Education is the keystone to what makes a community great and impacts teacher, students and the entire population as a whole. I have been committed to supporting education and literacy through various involvements and am excited and humbled to serve as your CEF president. 

This position allows me to continue the mission and vision of the Collierville Education Foundation – working with individuals and businesses across the community to fund every eligible teacher grant for Collierville schools. Our goal is to help every teacher be successful for our students.

During my time with CEF, I have seen the passion and innovation each CEF board member possesses. Each person leverages this passion to support all of our programs, innovate new programs, and to expand our footprint by reaching out to companies and individuals who support our schools. It’s this type of innovation and ideas that will allow CEF to reach more into the community and fund more grants for Collierville’s great teachers.

I encourage you to join us for any upcoming CEF program or talk to our board. You’ll see how we support our schools today, and more importantly what we are doing to support them for the future.

Eddie Maier



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