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Grant Application

Did you receive a grant? We need the following information from you!

The CEF Board works throughout the year to secure funding for teacher grants. We do not want any teacher to feel intimidated by the process. Each school has a CEF board member assigned as a liaison to assist your school throughout the year (listing below). If at any time you have a question, please reach out to your liaison.  


The 2021 Teacher Grant Application Packet will open as a form that you can complete on your computer. Once completed, these must be printed and signed by the person(s) requesting the grant and the principal. Utilize the Itemization Form to list websites, item information and ALL costs. CEF will consider shipping expenses in situations where items are available through only one vendor or cost is cheaper even when paying shipping.  Consideration will be on a case-by-case basis.


​Should you be awarded a grant, CEF requires a final Use of Funds Report. This report, along with photos and videos, allow us to see and share your grant with our donors as well as potential contributors.

Good luck!

Terri Furlong

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