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The importance of innovative technology in school

In an increasingly technical world, it is important that our future generations are equipped with an educational experience that includes technology. Wisely, the teachers of Collierville Schools are using their CEF grants to include innovative technology in the classroom.

Collierville Schools already provides its students with many technological learning devices, such as iPads. Schilling Farms Elementary School’s Ms. Sutton spoke to their usefulness.

“The power and flexibility of an iPad gives students the freedom to explore and express new ideas whenever and wherever inspiration strikes,” she said.

However, like all teachers, Ms. Sutton found a way to further enhance her students’ experience using this already effective technology. Through her CEF grant, Ms. Sutton purchased Apple Pencils for her students. Now, students have a calligraphy pen, a pastel stick and a paintbrush all in one! They can capture observations, take notes, and write or draw in any type of document. This simultaneously makes it easier for her to see and grade their work.

The students of Bailey Station Elementary also frequently use their iPads to learn, creating Keynote presentations, project recordings, iMovie trailers, screencasts, coding projects and more. However, Ms. Moore, the school’s instructional technology facilitator, thought that students needed a way to more efficiently document their iPad learning.

CEF funded a grant to provide students with portable microphones. Students can plug them into their iPads and record and reflect their learning, making it easier to share their progress with their teachers and their peers.

“My job is to help students and teachers incorporate technology into their classrooms,” said Ms. Moore. “Hopefully, this enhances instruction and builds creativity.”

When they aren’t using their portable iPad microphones, many Bailey Station Elementary students participate in the school’s “Tech Team.” Tech Team students hold meetings where they learn about the new, innovative educational technology tools available to them. As they apply these technologies and complete tasks, they earn badges. The Tech Team even holds digital professional development training sessions for teachers! To get the word out to teachers about these sessions, as well as to announce other upcoming school events, members of the Tech Team create and print digital posters to hang up around the halls.

Last year, CEF provided the team with a grant to purchase printing equipment that elevates the creation and quality of their posters, helping the Tech Team learn more and spread the word about Bailey Station Elementary School happenings!

These are just a few of the many ways in which Collierville teachers work to improve the technological innovation presented in their classrooms. We cannot wait to see what the teachers of Collierville Schools will come up with next, and are delighted to be a part of expanding young minds through technology.


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