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Tapping into student senses

Engaging all senses in the learning process is one of the best ways to learn and retain information. As an evidence-based practice, sensory learning has continued to rise in popularity. Collierville teachers are locked in on best practices in education, so it only makes sense that CEF has awarded grants to many different teachers in order to provide sensory learning materials. Here are a few ways they are utilized in Collierville Schools.

Sensory basics

A grant awarded to Crosswind Elementary teacher Jessica Shaver provided kindergarteners with sensory tools. These tools allow students to explore the world around them by providing opportunities for students to build, create, touch and manipulate objects. Students benefit from engaging their senses in the classroom because the material they learn lays the foundation for future math and reading courses.

Focused learning

Grants from CEF provided Crosswind Elementary and Collierville Middle School with fidget toys to better serve their classrooms. These toys, which rose to popularity in 2017, have helped students channel their excess energy into cognitive focus and comprehension. Fidget toys have been proven to aid students who have trouble focusing in school by limiting classroom distractions. Another way this multi-sensory learning equipment is being used is to help students readjust to the classrooms after COVID. Collierville High School was awarded a grant that provided sensory therapy materials for students. The school now has a sensory room that helps meet students' needs.

Interactive learning

Other sensory tools used at Collierville Middle School are athletic bladders. Athletics bladders are large, inflated balls that students can kick, hit or bounce while playing imaginative games. The bladder balls are used as play equipment for interactive learning and are utilized daily in teaching skills and sports. It ties in physical education with sensory material, which provides a better outlook for learning.

CEF is proud to provide schools with grants to help strengthen student engagement in the classroom. Sensory tools are a way for students to participate actively in class and learn more efficiently. If you would like to learn more about grants that CEF has provided for Collierville schools, visit our website.


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