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Peer Power

We know the profound impact teachers have on our students, but what about the impact students have on each other? One Collierville teacher used her CEF-given grant to demonstrate the power of peers, and encourage students to help one another learn.

Schilling Farms Elementary School teacher, Erin Reagan, was given a grant in 2019 to launch her second round of peer tutoring. The program, called “Peer Power,” connects fourth and fifth grade students with kindergarteners for tutoring.

Ms. Reagan was first inspired to create Peer Power because of mounting national evidence touting the positive impact of peer tutoring. In fact, a research review conducted by the National Education Association found that peer tutoring programs increased student motivation, aided in their social and emotional development and improved peer relationships. Additionally, according to Evidence for Learning, peer tutoring can have the equivalent effect of as much as five additional months of progress.