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Let’s Get Physical (Education)!

The Collierville Education Foundation works to help teachers enrich their students’ education in all fields – even the playing ones! Recently, CEF provided Collierville educators with physical education grants that allow kids to see firsthand the importance of getting moving, no matter where you are!

Physical activity is important at all ages, but maintaining adequate physical wellness is even more crucial for school-aged children. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends those from age six to 17 perform at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day, although only 24% of children this age do so. That’s why it’s important that you meet kids where they are – at school! Classroom physical activity has been shown to have many benefits to students, such as increased motivation, better grades, improved concentration and a reduction of disruptive behavior.

Collierville Middle School teacher Barbara Hunter’s students practice classroom physical activity, thanks to her two CEF grants. One of Ms. Hunter’s grants went toward purchasing scooters for CMS students, promoting physical activity that can be used by eve