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Back to school and back to enriching education

At the Collierville Education Foundation, we’re passionate about providing teachers with the tools they need to enrich their students’ education. And with school back in session, we’re excited to start a whole new school year of doing just that. Thanks to the dedication of Collierville educators, CEF has been able to fund several innovative grants that allow students to form a lifelong love of learning and develop critical skills in a stimulating environment.

Critical thinking skills are essential but developing them in school can be difficult. Young students often overemphasize memorization in regular assignments, and traditional critical thinking questions can feel boring or complicated. That’s why Schilling Elementary teacher Erin Reagan applied for a CEF grant that could make learning engaging – even for the most reluctant learners. Ms. Reagan’s grant, “Get Me Outta Here,” provides classrooms with an escape room kit that offers students an exciting activity that aids in the development of critical thinking skills across multiple subject areas.

Speaking of engagement, an important part of any learning envir