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The importance of physical education in school

We are always excited to support local educators through grants that enhance the academic experience of Collierville students. Sometimes, those grants are used to purchase what are considered “traditional” educational materials like books, graduated cylinders and classroom technology. But our organization believes that related lifestyle subjects, like physical education, music and art, are a critical part of the comprehensive educational experience. In fact, we often fund grants for physical education materials, providing students hands-on learning activities and reinforcing the message that exercise is a crucial part of a healthy and balanced life.

Physical education is just as important as academic work. Physical wellness can affect (for better or worse) a student’s ability to excel in their academic endeavors. Not only does PE promote physical fitness, cardiovascular health and coordination development in young people, but according to an article by Azuza Pacific University, it also teaches stress reduction strategies and improves mental health. Promoting physical health during childhood can instill positive lifelong habits that will ultimately improve health outcomes and overall life expectancy.

As students spend more time using technology, it can be increasingly difficult to engage children in physical activities. Social media, video games and other sedentary pastimes can serve as a release, replacing exercise as a way to reduce stress among students. But physical education doesn’t have to look like running the mile and doing situps. There are fun and engaging ways to encourage students to get active!

And one thing is clear – Collierville’s physical education teachers are up to the task. We are always impressed by the innovative and creative grants submitted to support physical wellness for students. We have given numerous grants aimed at furthering physical education, including a climbing wall for Crosswind Elementary and pickleballs for Collierville Middle School, just to name a few! These engaging games encourage students to expend energy, adding a fun element to physical education. Click below to watch one of CEF’s physical education grants in action.

Collierville Schools exhibits a profound level of dedication to quality physical education for its students, and CEF wants to help them further enrich students’ physical education, ensuring that they have unlimited access to the lifelong benefits it provides.

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