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What type of creativity can be nurtured in the classroom with the right equipment?

Teachers have the opportunity to impact their students in a number of ways, including nurturing their creativity within the right classroom surroundings. When educators build an environment that fosters creativity, resourcefulness and inventiveness, students are able to express themselves and let their imaginations thrive. But, how do they build this type of classroom?

Contrary to popular belief, scientists have proven that creativity is housed in both sides of the brain. This means that invoking the analytical left side is just as important to creative development as engaging the colorful right side. Classrooms ripe for building creativity include tools that will utilize both parts of the brain. Educators can include games or tools that use a child’s cognitive functions or make them ask questions to best nurture their creativity and critical thinking while invoking both sides of their brain.

Creating this type of environment can be done in every subject area. Math lessons teach students creative thinking skills through problem-solving; science lessons teach students about adaptability; and literature exposes students to creative writing practices. But sometimes it takes specific tools, in combination with interactive lesson planning, to get the creative juices flowing. This can be done by stepping away from traditional worksheets, and incorporating novel, interactive tools such as videos or games.

Helping students develop a creative spirit takes continued practice. In fact, creativity has been found to grow with repetition. Tools that require memorization are necessary to help students generate original ideas. When a student is consistently asked for input on an assignment, they tend to find more creative solutions the more times they are presented with said assignment.

Providing teachers with the tools to creatively teach allows them to explore unique ways of learning with their students, planting the seeds for new ideas and curiosities. The grants awarded by CEF help to give educators these tools, providing both teachers and students an opportunity to think outside the box. Thanks to the help of CEF, teachers are able to provide their classroom with interactive learning strategies that harness students’ creativity and enhance their educational experience.

Get involved with CEF to help supply the educators of our future with the tools they need to build creativity.

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