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Technology could wildly improve a classroom – and grants can make it possible

The growing technological landscape of our culture has changed the way we do everything – even the way in which we learn. The prevalence of technology in the classroom has created a new teaching style for instructors and has opened doors to new methods of understanding for their students.

In the past, learning methods have been limited – leaving only students who are naturally inclined to these traditional methods to be successful. However, thanks to technological advances in the classroom, new approaches to learning are being explored, allowing for even more students to succeed. Additionally, working with technology can bring interactivity and fun to students, adding excitement to routine lessons.

As technology rapidly evolves, school systems are working quickly to pour the latest educational resources into classrooms. But even with exceptional and targeted investments by school districts, there are still seemingly endless opportunities to integrate more technology into classrooms. This is where CEF can support teachers – in providing supplemental technological materials.

Using technology gives students an advantage by exposing them to the world around them and helping them to increasingly understand something that plays a major role in society. Increased use of technology prepares today’s young people for their future educational and career paths and gives them experience for an inevitably technologically driven future.

For example, CEF granted 15 iPads and an Apple Pencil to Collierville Elementary School for seamless learning. Schilling Farms Elementary received a portable PDA system with microphones, an iPad and a DigiLab Printer. Additionally, Crosswind Elementary received sets of headphones to make interactive learning more accessible, while Sycamore Elementary was given a Promethean board and pen. These examples just scratch the surface of the technological access grants can give to Collierville Schools.

Although not always a necessity, technology has the potential to give classrooms unlimited access to possibilities. That’s why CEF is dedicated to finding the funding for things like technology, that gives students endless opportunities in communication, exploration and collaboration – further enhancing their educational experience.

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