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If you ever ask why I chose to be involved in CEF, be prepared! I’m very passionate about CEF, what it stands for, and how it makes an impact. I often follow this question with one of my own: Did you have a teacher that went above and beyond in the classroom? Most say yes. It is at that point that I tell them that is what CEF is all about.

In 1976, I had an elementary teacher held a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party as part of the Bicentennial Celebration. She brought cardboard that we used to build a ship. We made costumes at home complete with the headwear we made in class. I remember every detail of that day from the weather to the refreshments to the dumping of fall leaves over the side of the ship. We learned so much all through the special day she planned for us. Looking back, I realize she probably purchased most things with her own money.

We are so fortunate to have such passionate teachers like the one I had in our schools. And, CEF wants to fuel that passion. We never want their creativity and ways to engage our children to be limited by a budget. Grants range from something simple like bouncy bands for chairs to seeds for an outdoor garden to a climbing wall to robotic needs. It could be a book that a teacher can use to provide special life lessons while still learning. Whatever it may be, we want to be able to provide it - but we can’t do it alone.

Make 2019 your year to get involved with CEF: volunteer; apply to join the Board; sponsor an event; provide a door prize; or make a donation. Nothing you do can be too small.

Back to the question. If you ask me why I have been involved for so long, it is simple: teachers.

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