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CEF Grant Provides Students with a Little Wiggle Room

Each child has his or her own level of focus, and constant stimulation by electronic devices has made it even more difficult for students to remain attentive in the classroom. In fact, research done by Duke University found that modern-day students are increasingly distracted and have a stronger need for movement - more than is provided by daily recess.

Melinda Ferrante, a fifth-grade math and science teacher at Bailey Station Elementary School, realized that classrooms need to cater to high-energy students and applied for a Collierville Education Foundation grant for a unique tool - wiggle bands for children’s desks.

These bands are useful for everyone in the classroom because they provide restless students with the ability to release energy in a quiet, non-distracting manner at their desks. Not only can they be used as a way to manage restlessness and excess energy, these bands also provide stress relief to students during tests and assignments that require attention to detail.

We love seeing teachers who recognize the needs of their students and think outside the box to find a solution! Thank you, Ms. Ferrante, for the work you do for our students and the impact you’re making on the future of Collierville education.

Do you have a unique program at your school that is in need of funding? Collierville Education Foundation grant applications open July 1, 2017.

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